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GSA Modifications

As your company flourishes in the government contracting arena, your contract should continue to grow through the expansion of your offering. You have considerable flexibility and options to ensure consistent growth and profitability through the variety of modifications that will enhance the value of your contract! Below are some of the various options available to your company to ensure continued growth and success:

Add SIN(s)

As your company grows, new services and products can and should be offered to the government through your GSA Contract. This can require an additional SIN under your existing Schedule. Your GSA Contract can be modified to reflect new services and/or products that were not placed on the Schedule during the initial offering. Conceptual Contracting will create a Modification and secure approval from your Contracting Officer to add a SIN.

Add Labor Categories or Products

To maximize the value of your GSA Contract, new labor categories and/or products can be added to meet the demands of your buyers. Your Contract should be current with your company’s abilities and resources. Conceptual Contracting can quickly add services, products and labor categories to your Schedule.

Request EPA (Economic Price Adjustment)

The cost of doing business typically increases annually for a variety of reasons. When it becomes necessary, Conceptual Contracting will prepare a Modification to request an Economic Price Adjustment. With proper documentation, your GSA Schedule prices can be raised to ensure profitability while still offering best value to the Government.

Get Your Selection

Selecting an incorrect Schedule and/or SIN is a common error and will waste valuable time.  Conceptual Contracting will select your Schedule based on your services/products and have this selection pre-approved by GSA.     We will work directly with GSA and guarantee that your business is pursuing the correct Schedule and SIN(s).

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