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We offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation and provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision;

Are you eligible?
Who are your Competitors?
What are their Rates/Fees?
Who are their Customers?

GSA Compliance

Conceptual Contracting will assist in ensuring your business remains compliant with your awarded GSA Contract.  These services include, but are not limited to: the following:

  • Semi-Annual mock audits
  • Assistance with GSA Bids via E-Buy
  • Identification of competing GSA Contractors and provide information on their pricing structure and customer base.
  • Review your published GSA Advantage catalog to be sure your products are advertised accurately, effectively and efficiently.
  • Review your Terms and Conditions document it is is accurate, descriptive and properly represents your value to the Government as a vendor partner.

GSA Vendor Support Center

Your newly awarded GSA Contract will be visible to buyers through GSA Advantage! and GSA E-Library. Conceptual Contracting will create your account with the Vendor Support Center and provide you with log-in information.

Customer Assistance Visit (CAV)

All new GSA Schedule holders will receive a Customer Assistance Visit (CAV) from a GSA Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA). We will be present for this CAV to be sure the visit goes smoothly.

72A Reporting

Your new GSA Contract requires you to report your GSA sales quarterly and pay your Industrial Funding Fee. Conceptual Contracting will be there to assist you with this requirement and answer any questions about whether or not a sale is “reportable”.

Get Your Selection

Selecting an incorrect Schedule and/or SIN is a common error and will waste valuable time.  Conceptual Contracting will select your Schedule based on your services/products and have this selection pre-approved by GSA.     We will work directly with GSA and guarantee that your business is pursuing the correct Schedule and SIN(s).

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