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What is a GSA Schedule?

A GSA Schedule. also known as a GSA Contract, is a 20-year ID/IQ contract to do business with the Government.

The first step to securing a GSA Schedule is determining if your company meets the basic requirements imposed by the GSA for contract award. These criteria must be met before an Offer proposal can be submitted on your behalf:


Determine Eligibility​

The first step to getting on the GSA Schedule is determining if your company meets the requirements imposed by the GSA for contract award. These criteria must be met before a proposal can be made on your behalf:

  • Proof of Financial Stability
  • Minimum of Two Years in Business
  • Positive Past Performance Evaluation
  • Offered Items Are Commercially Available
  • Offered Items Are Compliant with the Trade Agreements Act

Identify the Appropriate GSA Schedule

The first key step in the GSA process is to identify the appropriate GSA Schedule. We will meet with you to discuss your products and/or services and select from over 50 GSA Schedules. Depending upon your offerings, the appropriate Schedule may be immediately obvious, or may require Conceptual Contracting to perform an analysis of your products/services in comparison with the scope of various Schedules. It is possible that there may be more than one Schedule that is correct for your company. Businesses that attempt to enter the GSA Process without the use of a consultant run the risk of not selecting the correct Schedule(s) and spending hundreds of hours preparing a proposal that will be quickly identified as “out of scope” and rejected by the GSA.

Prepare a GSA Proposal

Conceptual Contracting will prepare your GSA Proposal which is a detailed gathering of information that will be submitted according to the Solicitation and submitted electronically through E-Offer, a web-based submission website. Each Solicitation has different requirements as to mandatory information and the correct format used to present it. This process is critical and, if done incorrectly, will cost your company valuable time in securing your GSA Award. The Solicitations are cumbersome and can be unclear as to the exact requirements. Solicitations are updated or “Refreshed” at least annually. Proposals must be submitted and identified as compliant with the latest Refresh.

The Review Process

Upon electronic submission of your proposal through the E-Offer system, it is assigned to a Contracting Specialist for a thorough review. The Contracting Specialist can require additional information or make a request for clarifications to your proposal. The review process can take up to 6 months for completion. We will respond promptly and accurately to any requests for clarification that are issued.

GSA Contract Negotiation​

Upon the completion of the review process, your Contract Specialist will schedule a negotiation session. The purpose of this session is to ensure the Federal Government, through the GSA Schedules Program, is receiving the best possible pricing structure for the products/services offered. Your Contract Specialist will schedule a conference call to negotiate pricing. Conceptual Contracting will advise you, assist in preparing for your negotiations and participate in the negotiation.

Final Proposal Revision​

After the Review and Negotiation phases are both complete, Conceptual Contracting will prepare the Final Proposal Revision (FPR). This Proposal will encapsulate the entire submission process including revisions made during negotiations.​

GSA Contract Award!​

Upon receipt of your contract number, you may begin selling your products and/or services from your Schedule.​

After Award​

There are several post-award activities that are necessary for the performance of your Contract. Conceptual Contracting will assist you with each of these:

  • ​GSA Advantage​​
  • 72A Reporting
  • E-Buy Registration
  • Vendor Support Center Registration
  • Order Process

​​​Conceptual Contracting will be your Primary Point of Contact for the entire GSA Process. Please contact us if you are considering a GSA Schedule for your business. We will meet with you to discuss how your business may benefit from a GSA Schedule.

Get Your Selection

Selecting an incorrect Schedule and/or SIN is a common error and will waste valuable time.  Conceptual Contracting will select your Schedule based on your services/products and have this selection pre-approved by GSA.     We will work directly with GSA and guarantee that your business is pursuing the correct Schedule and SIN(s).

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